Terms and conditions

Once a booking has been accepted

Once a booking has been accepted we will require an initial deposit of £80, within 5 days of confirmation, together with signed acceptance of our terms of business.

Terms and Conditions for Primrose Brae

1. Keys.

a. Arrival: The keys are available at 4pm on day of arrival; guests planning to arrive late may need to

collect the keys from a nearby caretaker.

b. Departure: the accommodation must be vacated by 10am on day of departure.

2. Children are always welcome.

3. Dogs – A limited number of dogs (maximum of 2 dogs) are allowed, at a charge of £15 per dog weekly. Strict

rules apply:

a. Only those dogs mentioned on the booking form may be brought and they must be kept under strict

control at all times, not left unattended in the property or grounds, not allowed on any furniture or beds.

b. You must clean up after them and dispose of their toilet promptly and sensibly, please remember this is

family accommodation and young children play in the gardens.

c. Bitches in season are not permitted.

4. High Chairs & Travel Cots –Travel cots & high chairs (suitable for infants under 15 months) must be

requested on your booking form and confirmed by ourselves.

5. Electricity & Gas & Water – Prices shown include an allowance of £25 per week for gas, electricity and

water consumption during your stay.

6. Colour TV – A set is provided in the lounge and master bedroom.

7. We are open – All year round; including Christmas and New Year.

8. Groups – We do not accept ALL male/female parties under 25 years of age; the cottage is located within a quiet

residential community and we respect the peace and quiet enjoyment of our neighbours.

9. Wheelchairs & Disability – The accommodation is arranged over three floors, with stairs only. There is

access via (steep) path around the side of the property to the 1st floor (lounge / dining area / kitchen & balcony).

The ground floor comprises only the garage, utility room and separate WC. All bedrooms and bathroom are

located on the second floor.

10. Deposit – Please send £80 deposit (cheques only) for each week booked.

11. Damage Deposit – A refundable security deposit of £50 is mandatory. Deductions will only be necessary

where breakages and material damage are felt to be beyond reasonable wear and tear; or where the cleaning

requirements are beyond the acceptable.

12. Balance Payable – for rentals must reach us a clear 28 days before commencement of holiday.

13. Cancellation & Curtailment insurance (optional) – £20 per week payable at time of booking. If you

are forced to cancel your holiday because of serious injury, illness, death, jury service or redundancy, to any

member of your party named on the booking form, and it can be substantiated that this has arisen since you made

the booking, then you are no longer liable for the balance of the rental. If the balance of the rental has been paid

we guarantee to refund the balance. Deposits are non-refundable. The decision of the Trustees of Primrose Brae

is final. To qualify you must notify us immediately the circumstances arise. The cover is only valid if suc

qualifying circumstances arise before you leave your home for your holiday. Only those persons listed on your

booking form, and submitted at the time of booking, will be covered by the cancellation scheme. Should you

need to cancel you must notify us immediately. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing

14. Low Season (Short Breaks) – are available by arrangement:

a. Three night break deduct 30% from weekly rental,

b. Four night break deduct 25%

c. Five night break deduct 20%.

d. It is possible to arrive on any day of the week, subject to availability.

15. Booking Procedure – 

a. Email or telephone to discuss your requirements, we will send you a booking form showing the booking


b. Please check the details carefully to ensure they are correct – if not you must advise us immediately.

c. We will then hold the property for a few days in order that you may send a signed booking form and

deposit. – Hangman Path, Combe Martin Tel: 01625 240767


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d. Your balance is due four clear weeks prior to your arrival date. It is up to you to ensure we receive your

balance on time and if we do not we reserve the right to cancel the booking and resell the holiday

without a refund of deposit.

e. The security deposit is refunded after the caretaker has cleaned and inspected the property, and is

normally returned in the post within a few within days of departure.

16. Late Booking – Payment in full is required for bookings made less than 28 days prior to holiday.

17. Booking Alterations – If the members of your party change from the time of booking to your arrival you must

advise us and we will confirm to you our acceptance. Only you and the members of your party as mentioned on

the booking form are entitled to use the property and our facilities. No one else unless special arrangements have

been made and confirmed by us.

18. Non Smoking – All properties and buildings at Combe-Martin.Net are NON SMOKING. Failure to comply

will result in a fumigation surcharge.

19. Car Parking – The driveway is sufficient for one car only. The property is located on Hangman Path, which is

a narrow un-adopted road, (single track). Any parking on Hangman Path would cause an obstruction. A public

car park is available a few yards further along the Path.

20. Due Care – You must keep the property in good order throughout your stay and leave it clean and tidy

reporting any breakages or damage immediately to our office.

21. Caretaker – If you have any problems or concerns during your stay we ask you to contact our office

immediately in order that we may assess the situation and put things right if necessary. Under no circumstances

will compensation be made or correspondence entered into in connection with complaints raised after the property

has been vacated unless we have been notified during your occupancy

22. Neighbourly Behaviour – You will not cause annoyance or become a nuisance to fellow holidaymakers

tenants or neighbours of adjoining premises or land. If you fail to observe our terms and conditions we have the

right to terminate your booking even if you are already at the property by asking you to leave at once without any

compensation becoming payable to you. We and our staff reserve the right to enter the property at any reasonable

time should the need arise.

23. Disclaimers – 

a. It is an express condition of the booking that we cannot be held liable for any personal injury or damage

to property nor non-availability of accommodation or amenities beyond our control. Our brochure is

printed in advance and we must reserve the right to make improvements or alterations without notice.

b. We reserve the right to refuse/cancel any booking if the property becomes unavailable for reasons

beyond our control. We will refund any sums you have paid, but we will not be under any other liability.

c. We cannot be held responsible for any interruption or irregularity in the supply of electricity, gas, water,

TV or radio reception. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of descriptions of properties

and other amenities within our brochure and website we accept no liability for inaccuracies in these

details. Neither do we accept responsibility for any inaccuracies in the websites to which we link.

d. We will not be liable for any act, neglect or default on the part of any other person nor for any accident,

damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience whether to person or property which clients or any other

person may suffer or occur arising out of, or in any way connected with the letting or resulting from any

other cause whatsoever.

24. That said – We continue to do our utmost to ensure our guests enjoy their holiday and come back to us year

after year. We take all your comments and concerns very seriously and will take note of all comments and

suggestions you are kind enough to leave for us. We cannot promise to provide all things to all people; but we

hope by setting down these few reasonable expectations that we enable all our guests to come to a clean, well

presented property and enjoy their visit to Combe Martin, as much as we have always done.

Terms & Conditions Version 1.1 07811 568806